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Rainbow Beach Horse Rides have so many different rides available and are able to cater for many different choices. Our range of different rides allows us to provide a ride to suit every preference and riding ability. If there is a ride not listed here, we will do our best to match your needs.  Give Rainbow Beach Horse Rides a call on 0412 174 337.

Rainbow Beach Horse Rides also take photos on every ride, which are available for all guests free of charge.

Andrew and the team continually receive praise about the condition, behaviour and ability of their horses, from experts within the horse industry as well as people outside the industry.  Our professionalism is of the highest standard, which is also noted by many people, and our saddles also receive high praise.  We choose to use ‘Winning Edge’ saddles, which are made by Ken Read and are used by Australia’s top riders.

Rainbow Beach is located in south east Queensland, approximately 3 hours north of Brisbane. It is an incredibly spectacular ocean beach nestled nearby the World Heritage listed Fraser Island. Rainbow Beach has been internationally rated in the top 5 Most Incredible Beaches of the World and the Third most colourful beach in the world. A recent article detailing Australia’s Best 10 Places to spend Winter, rated Rainbow Beach as number One.

Whilst riding on the pristine white sands with Rainbow Beach Horse Rides during the whale season, it is very likely that you will see whales breaching or dolphins playing in the beautiful turquoise waters.

Rainbow Beach Horse Rides have the only permit in existence to operate horse rides on this environmentally sensitive stretch of pristine coastline which is surrounded by World Heritage listed National Park. The area in which they conduct their rides is the only stretch of beach between Noosa and the Northern tip of Fraser Island (about 300 kilometres) where vehicles are not permitted.

The quality of the horses and saddles combined with the personalised service is why Rainbow Beach Horse Rides receive so many 5 star reviews. The hand crafted saddles whose performance and comfort for horse and rider are without comparison. If you enjoyed your ride, tell your friends.  If you experience a difficulty let us know as we welcome feedback, as it helps us continue to grow and improve our services.

Fully Qualified Guides

All of our lead staff have completed a Horse Safety Australia Clinic, and fulfilled the requirements to become qualified Trail Guides and Instructors.  Not only that, we have conducted our apprenticeships by contract mustering, working as trail guides for multi day rides through the Victorian High Country, running our own cattle operation, working in feedlots and managing pastoral stations in Western Australia.

Many of our staff also regularly compete in different disciplines including Campdrafting, Eventing, and Showjumping.

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Great customer reviews have earned us business of the year award 3 years in a row from Trip Advisor.
Great customer reviews have earned us business of the year award 3 years in a row from Trip Advisor.
Great customer reviews have earned us business of the year award 3 years in a row from Trip Advisor.
Great customer reviews have earned us business of the year award 3 years in a row from Trip Advisor.
Great customer reviews have earned us business of the year award 3 years in a row from Trip Advisor.

We are extremely proud of our awards as they are based on customer reviews, and that tells us we a doing a great job.
We are constantly striving to do better by improving our services, so all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Owner operated horse riding offers the best customer service.
5 stars reviews for this horse riding adventure. Award winning horse riding business in QLD

Andrew McCarthy, and his staff are certified Trail Guides having completed and fulfilled the requirements of a Horse Safety Australia clinic.

Andrew was raised in the surrounding district before spending several years travelling and working throughout Australia as a family to widen his perspective and to simply experience and enjoy life.

After seeing Australia, he chose to return to this area because of its uniqueness and natural beauty.

He completed apprenticeship over several years by running his own cattle operation, contract mustering in Queensland and Western Australia, worked for the iconic ‘Watson’s High Country Trail Rides’ in the Victorian High country, working in cattle feedlots and managing a Pastoral Station in Western Australia, running over 17,000 head of livestock.

Andrew has ridden off road motorbikes competitively and has performed over 20 years of active service for the Rainbow Beach Surf Lifesaving Club.  He enjoys a large number of sports and pride himself on the motto “Don’t waste life”, which he tries to live by.

Rainbow Beach Horse Rides have won multiple awards and accolades and been part of numerous filming and promotional events.  Whether it be carrying a international supermodels for photo shoots along the beach, leading the ANZAC Parade through the Main Street of town or riding a horse into the bar of a Hotel, there are always adventures to be had.


Kayla grew up on the Sunshine Cost in Eumundi and was around horses from a very young age. She competed at state level in cross country / eventing, winning many trophies.  She has also worked on VRD (Victoria River Downs) for 3 seasons gaining valuable experience and skills, then commenced training as a Veterinary nurse.

Kayla is proficient in all areas of horse training, education, veterinary needs, farm work, including welding, loves camp drafting and has her truck license, so you may see her driving to Rainbow Beach with up to 14 horses on board, which can be up to xx tonne

At such a young age, Kayla has a huge amount of experience and loves greeting all our guests on a daily basis.  She adds enormously to the business.


Dean is a saddle maker by trade, doing his apprenticeship with one of Australia’s premier saddle makers at the time.

He has also run his own business as a stock contractor.

Dean made the world senior bull riding finals 3 consecutive years, stopping only after he broke his back and neck in the States. He has held, and currently holds many and varied roles within the Racing industry and the Nation Rodeo Association. which is 16 trips to America for bullring.  Ventured to the States “Striking out” by himself as a young man to “have a go”.


Charly (Charlotte) grew up on a little island in the Caribbean called Guadeloupe and started riding horses around the age of 9.  She then started competing competitively and did a lot of show jumping, winning many trophies/ribbons and accolades

Charly moved to Australia in 2013. She speaks fluent English, French and Spanish and loves travelling, food, adventures and of course animals.

Rainbow Beach is now home for Charly, and we are honoured to have her be part of our team.


Kathy was born in Germany and moved to Australia in 2013.  She spent 5 years working in the Australian outback honing her horse riding and cattle handling skills and is a competent horse trainer having also experienced many facets of farming and the rural industry

Although quiet in nature, she’s definitely our quiet achiever and we love having her as part of the team.


Tony Fookes – Physiotherapist

Tony is originally a Human Exercise Physiologist and developed a programme for horses. He has been treating horses for nearly two decades.  All of Rainbow Beach Horse Rides horses are seen to by Tony for their regular muscular skeletal corrections.  Tony is widely regarded as the best in the business.

Andy Werring – Horse dentist

Attends to the dental requirements of all of their horses.  Andy is regarded very highly on the world stage and instructs and teaches vets internationally on equine dental procedures.

Justin Schooth – Veterinarian

Is our local vet from Gympie Veterinary Services. He regularly provides care and conducts checks of our horses and knows each horse by name and nature.

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Rainbow Beach Horse Rides are so enthusiastic and passionate about the experience that they give their guests, you can’t help but enjoy your ride.

Rainbow Beach Horse Rides ethos is to do everything within their control to give every guest the best experience possible.  If you don’t think they have achieved that, then your money will be pleasantly and cheerfully refunded.


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