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Our horses are loved and cared for as part of our family, this makes them happy, friendly and sometimes a little cheeky, but definitely the best horses you will ever meet. We have guidelines to ensure both horse and rider are safe and to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. For this reason, when booking a ride there are questions we ask every guest, including height, weight, age and riding experience. With this information we do our best to match the perfect horse to each person’s needs. We are happy to discuss this with you and to explain our choices and a little about the horse you will be riding. If you have any questions please feel free to phone us.

Age and Weight Guidelines – For the safety of our horses and guests we follow the industry standard of a 95kg weight limit and an age limit of 10 years and over. For those under 10 without extensive riding experience, we can arrange private or led rides to cater to the individual’s needs.

Frequently asked questions

Are the horses responsive? – If you are a rider, you will love how light, responsive and well behaved our horses are. We have had a number of competitive riders joining us, and have all been very impressed. We regularly get comments on how healthy, well mannered and trained our horses are, and how good the equipment is.

Are the horses calm? – The horses are very quiet and suitable for beginners, yet still enjoyable for experienced riders.  We have also had an 18 year old young lady (experienced rider) on our ride who was 100% blind.

What sort of saddles do you use? – We use predominantly Winning Edge saddles.  These are custom made ‘Swinging Fender’ saddles, and are used by Australia’s top riders. We regularly get positive comments from our guests about our saddles, even from those unused the this type of saddle.


Ace is a very handsome 6 Year Old Quarter Horse Gelding, by Marnies Command who is a very successful Campdrafting Stallion.

He was bred and broken in locally, and joined the RBHR team in October 2016. He has a very sweet nature and is always trying to please which usually means anyone who rides him, really enjoys him.

He is owned by Helen, and will hopefully enjoy life both as a trail riding and competitive Campdrafting horse.


Apoil was born in 2010 and is an incredibly quiet horse, especially for his age. He is very accepting of any challenge put to him, a very keen learner and always willing to please. He was purchased without even seeing him, he was simply that good.

His registered name is ‘Touch me not’. The last 4 generations of his breeding have won a total of 19 WORLD TITLES as well as a number of 2nd and 3rd placing in the world championship competitions.

He will be ultra-reliable for decades to come, and is the type of horse that won’t get sold. He has such a loveable personality that draws guests to him for cuddles and attention. He is a very handsome horse, and is loved by experienced and inexperienced riders alike.

Captain Jack

Captain Jack is a chestnut Australian Stock Horse, and was purchased in February 2017. He is extremely quiet and has settled into life at RBHR very well. On just his first ride on the beach he was already bravely leading, and has already proven himself to be an asset to the team.

He was born in August 2013 and is by an Acres Destiny Stallion called Captain Barbados.

Captain Jack is an easy going, soft, responsive ride and loves his cuddles.  We think this little horse is going to have a very big future.


Cyclone is a very handsome chestnut Quarter horse gelding, born in 2005. He spent most of his life prior to coming to us, mustering cattle and competing in Campdrafting. His registered name is ‘Gone N Dunit’.

He is exceptionally quiet and has proven himself to be a great horse for beginners and experienced riders alike. He seems to know when someone is nervous, and takes extra special care of them. Cyclone is rapidly gathering a huge fan club, as everyone who rides him immediately falls in love with his cool, calm, collected manner.


Destiny has been part of the Rainbow Beach Horse Rides family since 2014, and has proved himself to be a beautifully quiet and nicely natured horse.

We knew we had the right horse when we went to try him out – Helen hopped on him bareback and walked him around just in a halter.

He takes everything in his stride and is totally unflappable. On his first ever visit to the beach, he accepted everything amazingly well and didn’t even worry about the kite surfer racing past him in the water. He is a very inquisitive horse and absolutely loves attention.

He has excellent breeding, and is Sired by ‘Acres Destiny’ one of the most remarkable stallions in the campdraft and cutting discipline in Australia. He has done some campdrafting training, and has already shown he has some very fancy footwork. We think this cheeky chappy will go a long way; both as a competition and trail riding horse.


Dolly is a 9 year old chestnut mare and is one of the newest members of the RBHR team.
She was started by Ken Faulkner and has very god breeding; she is out of Pep N Coin and Little Bobby Lena.
Her registered name is Smart Dollar and we can definitely agree with that!
She is very much loved by all who rides her and takes care of both experienced and inexperienced guests.


He is a very special horse; handsome, strong and reliable. Everything that you’d ever need in a man. When he first came to the team he wasn’t actually for sale. He was purchased from an old school friend of Andrews’.  Andrew thinks that he stole this horse, and that he was sent from heaven. Helen has now bought Dude for herself, although he will still be a main part of the team.

Dude has done many different forms of competition and is capable at all of them. Helen and Dude have formed an excellent team, representing their local Pony Club and have competed in Eventing, show jumping and Novelty Events. Dude excels in Campdrafting and absolutely loves jumping.

He is one of the boss horses yet still loves his cuddles, and has a very soft side (although he tries to hide it most of the time). When not being used as the lead horse, Dude carries anyone safely on the beach and through the bush, and everyone who rides him- loves him. He is an extremely well put together horse, and his physical dimensions are close to perfect. This contributes to his athleticism and helps make him the special horse that he is.


Gambler is a big, solid Quarter Horse X Gelding.

He has done miles of mustering and is an experienced trail riding horse, which sometimes means he thinks he knows best. He does have almost as big a personal bubble as he has personality, but despite his sometimes cranky nature he is a big softie at heart.

He has a very cool and calm nature, and is loved by both inexperienced and experienced riders a like.


Flint is an amazing horse that you can ride for your first ever horse ride, yet still be impressed if you are an experienced rider.  He is the coolest guy around. He loads himself into and out of the truck and is a favourite of all four members of the family, as well as everyone who rides him. He is a very well-bred horse and is by an Acres Destiny Stallion, which is well-known in the horse industry.

His calm, cool attitude and loving easy-going nature makes him the top choice for weddings, parades, functions and children’s parties. He is totally unflappable and a truly reliable cruisey chap.

Flint is now back in work after a little holiday, so we’re happy to have him back in the team.


Lexus is a big strapping bay Thoroughbred, born in September 2004. He is sired by Galileo, who was a very famous and successful racehorse from Ireland. He is a very talented horse himself, and has successfully competed at Novice level dressage and show jumping.

Lexus is a cheeky chap with lots of personality. He even has a great party trick; if you tickle his nose, he’ll poke out his tongue.

This guy is fast becoming a bit of a favourite amongst the staff, as he is such a push button ride and very athletic.


Spins Reno came to us in February 2017, after having spent a period of time being trained by Rod Cotter. Rod thought Reno was something a little bit special, so contacted Andrew who came to try Reno with his son Zac. It was love at first sight, and Reno joined the RBHR family the following week.

Reno was born in 2005 in Roma, Queensland. He is a big strong Quarter Horse, with very good bloodlines; his Grandfather being the famous Doc’s Spinifex. His calm and easy-going nature has already shone through, and he is taking to life as part of the RBHR team well in his stride.


Rosie is an extremely well-bred mare by Marnies Command, and is loved by everyone who meets her. She has taken some time to settle into work as a trail riding horse, as she thought it was all very exciting at first. She has come along in her training and has settled in well, and is now a valued member of the trail riding team. She loves cuddles and will give you a big hug when you put on her bridle.

She is loved by both inexperienced and experienced riders, as she is quiet and relaxed but also well trained and responsive. She loves the beach, and walks happily in the ocean.

She is owned by Andrews Niece and Nephew in-law, and is kindly on loan to us for the foreseeable future.


Summer was born in November 2016 and is the 2nd foal out of our mare Dazzler. She is a very pretty little filly, and is by an Acres Destiny Stallion.

Dazzler is being a fantastic mother and they are both doing very well.


This little guy is one of our younger recruits, and is already proving how quiet and sweet natured he is. He was born in 2013 and broken in locally. He is very well bred; by an Acres Destiny stallion and related to a few of the other horses in our herd. He absolutely loves the water, and is now one of our best horses for our swimming rides.

Nothing much fazes him, and his sweet, quiet and very cheeky nature means that almost everyone that rides him; loves him.

He spent time with Rod Cotter for training. Rod was impressed with this little horse’s athleticism and natural ‘cowy-ness’. T-Rex will definitely be one of our top Campdrafting prospects and Trail Riding stars.


Winter is a beautiful palomino Quarter Horse mare, who is the daughter of Dazzler. She joined the team in January 2015 and has taken to her job amazingly, she loves the beach and enjoys our swimming rides especially.

She has proven to be as cool, calm and collected as her mum, and is fast becoming a favourite to all who meet her. She takes everything in her stride, and is already almost completely unflappable! On her first ever swimming ride Winter was fearless going into the water, and even helped carry a boogie board all the way home!! She is happy being first or last out on the trails, but thanks to the excellent walking abilities she inherited from mum, Winter is often out in the lead showing how brave she is.

She is a very gentle horse and loves attention, and is often the first to the gate in the morning. She prefers being ridden by relaxed riders, but is safe and enjoyed by both experienced and novice riders alike.


Wombat is a beautiful and very well-bred Quarter Horse mare, with lines going back to Docs Spinnifex.

She was foaled in 2011 and came to join the team in August 2016. She was very green when she first came to us, but has progressed very quickly and she is now enjoyed by inexperienced and experienced riders alike.

She has an incredibly sweet nature and loveable personality, which makes everyone who meets her- fall in love immediately.


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