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Our horses are loved and cared for as part of our family, this makes them happy, friendly and sometimes a little cheeky, but definitely the best horses you will ever meet. We have guidelines to ensure both horse and rider are safe and to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. For this reason, when booking a ride there are questions we ask every guest, including height, weight, age and riding experience. With this information we do our best to match the perfect horse to each person’s needs. We are happy to discuss this with you and to explain our choices and a little about the horse you will be riding. If you have any questions please feel free to phone us.

Age and Weight Guidelines – For the safety of our horses and guests we follow the industry standard of a 95kg weight limit and an age limit of 10 years and over. For those under 10 without extensive riding experience, we can arrange private or led rides to cater to the individual’s needs.

Frequently asked questions

Are the horses responsive? – If you are a rider, you will love how light, responsive and well behaved our horses are. We have had a number of competitive riders joining us, and have all been very impressed. We regularly get comments on how healthy, well mannered and trained our horses are, and how good the equipment is.

Are the horses calm? – The horses are very quiet and suitable for beginners, yet still enjoyable for experienced riders.  We have also had an 18 year old young lady (experienced rider) on our ride who was 100% blind.

What sort of saddles do you use? – We use predominantly Winning Edge saddles.  These are custom made ‘Swinging Fender’ saddles, and are used by Australia’s top riders. We regularly get positive comments from our guests about our saddles, even from those unused the this type of saddle.


Beautiful, quiet mare born in 2011. Purchased from a lady who has worked with us on and off over the years. Has helped many of our riders gain experience and confidence.


Cyclone is a very handsome chestnut Quarter horse gelding, born in 2005. He spent most of his life prior to coming to us, mustering cattle and competing in Campdrafting.

He is quiet and proven himself to be a great horse for beginners and experienced riders alike. He seems to know when someone is nervous, and takes extra special care of them. Cyclone is rapidly gathering a huge fan club, as everyone who rides him immediately falls in love with his cool, calm, collected manner.


Destiny has been with us since 2014, he is a quiet and nicely natured horse and we knew we had the right one as soon as we went to try him out – Helen hopped on him bareback and walked him around just in a halter.

He takes everything in his stride and is totally unflappable. On his first ever visit to the beach, he accepted everything amazingly well and didn’t even worry about the kite surfer racing past him in the water. He is a very inquisitive horse and absolutely loves attention.


Dolly is a 9 year old chestnut mare and is one of the newest members of the RBHR team.
She was started by Ken Faulkner and has very god breeding; she is out of Pep N Coin and Little Bobby Lena.
Her registered name is Smart Dollar and we can definitely agree with that!
She is very much loved by all who rides her and takes care of both experienced and inexperienced guests.


This horse is AMAZING on cattle.

Sit back and let him do his thing when cutting out a beast. There is not much more to say.

Experienced riders really enjoy his responsiveness.


Flint is an amazing horse that you can ride for your first horse ride, yet still be impressed if you are an experienced rider. He is the coolest guy around. He loads himself in and out of the truck and is a favourite of all four members of the family, as well as everyone who rides him.

His calm, cool attitude and easy-going nature makes him the top choice for weddings, parades, functions and children’s parties. He is totally unflappable and a truly reliable cruisey chap.


Bawnduggie Coster Too (aka Nelson!) is a super quiet, laid back Chestnut Gelding born in 2013, and was sold to us by a friend.

He joined the RBHR gang in early 2018 and is already proving to be a very valued member of the team.
He is extremely quiet and loves his cuddles, and his cool nature makes him perfect for both our experienced and non-experienced guests alike.


Renegade (or Reys Highway Junkie as per his registered name) is a super quiet and very laid back Quarter Horse.

He was born in 2011 and we have very high hopes for this cool character, and we’re very pleased he joined the RBHR team in early 2018.


He is a “been there, done that” type of horse. It doesn’t matter if you want to crack a whip off him, chase cattle, or simply plod along at a trot.

He is happy to oblige to any request. A perfect horse for someone starting out in their riding career.


Rosie is an extremely well-bred mare and is loved by everyone who meets her. She is a valued member of the trail riding team. She loves cuddles and will give you a big hug when you put on her bridle.

She is loved by both inexperienced and experienced riders, as she is quiet and relaxed but also well trained and responsive. She loves the beach and walks happily in the ocean.


Naturally a quiet mare who loves to be able to trust.

She loves to know what you want of her, so that she can accomplish it to her highest ability.


This young man was born in 2005 and is going to be one of our best horses in the future.

He carries the bloodlines of the legendary Acres Destiny and is destined for a massive future. Definitely one of Andrew’s top 5 horses.

You really have to spend time with this amazing creature to fully appreciate him.


This little guy is one of our younger recruits. He was born in 2013 and broken in locally. He is well bred; and is related to a few of the other horses in our herd.

He absolutely loves the water and is now one of our best horses for our swimming rides.

Nothing much fazes him, and his sweet, quiet and very cheeky nature means that almost everyone that rides him; loves him.


Amazing gentleman who performs better the more riders keep off the reins and he excels when the rider uses their hips rather than their hands.

Turbo is a “must have” when we head out mustering or going to a camp draft.

He is a horse that tries so hard for every rider that he carries.


This little grey gelding may be one of the smallest of the herd, but he has one of the biggest hearts.
Andrew purchased Whiskey early in 2018 as a 9-year-old, and he is coming along nicely in his training.

He is a very sweet little horse and is always looking to please, and with that personality we are sure he will make a great member of the team in time to come.


Winter is a beautiful palomino Quarter Horse mare, who is the daughter of Dazzler. She joined the team in January 2015 and has taken to her job amazingly, she loves the beach and enjoys our swimming rides especially.

She is a very gentle horse and loves attention, and is often the first to the gate in the morning. She prefers being ridden by relaxed riders, but is safe and enjoyed by both experienced and novice riders alike.


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