We are an inclusive business where everyone is welcome, LGBIT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual doesn't matter to us as long as you love horses.

We offer a unique experience with a variety of different horse ride adventures to choose from. Our beach ride is very popular, as it is set in one on the most beautiful beaches you will ever visit, pristine sands with crystal clear waters and brilliant blue skies. Our guests love the bush land, native animals and our incredible coloured sands is why Rainbow Beach is often listed in travel guides as a must visit for anyone visiting Queensland. We also hold the only permit in existence to ride along the section of beach where no other vehicles are allowed.

We are proud to show you the area in the best possible way. Our gentle horses are fun loving, sweet natured and always happy to meet new people. We offer beach rides, full moon beach rides, country rides and our very popular country full moon ride and even multi day rides. For experienced riders, guests can enjoy swimming in the ocean whilst riding bareback.

Andrew McCarthy and his family own a beautiful piece of land at Goomboorian, which is located half way between the town of Gympie and Rainbow Beach. We offer scenic rides through lush green hills, natural waterholes with spectacular views of this area. The native animals are accustomed to our presence so they are not shy and are often sighted during rides.

We also offer personalised rides for special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any special event you would like to make a truly memorable one. We have witnessed many marriage proposals and been privileged to be part of numerous weddings. Picnics on the beach are popular in autumn and winter when the water maybe too cool for a swim. Whatever you have in mind we will work with you to make it happen.

Rainbow Beach Horse Rides cater for all levels of riding abilities from absolute beginners through to experienced riders. We take photos on every ride, which are available to all guests free of charge at the end of the ride.

Age and Weight Guidelines – For the safety of our horses and guests we follow the industry standard of a 95kg weight limit and an age limit of 10 years and over. For those under 10 without extensive riding experience, we can arrange private or led rides to cater to the individual’s needs.

Rainbow Beach is approximately 3 hours north of Brisbane and 90 minutes north of the Sunshine Coast. The closet airport is Sunshine Coast or if you are flying international then Brisbane. A shuttle service is available from both airports to Rainbow Beach and regular bus services from Brisbane, Noosa and Gympie. Rainbow Beach has an abundance of accommodation to suit every style and budget. From backpackers through to 5 Star Resorts and self-contained beach houses and camping. We are happy to recommend places according to your needs.


We offer a range of different riding options, from beach to country and even special full moon horse rides. All our guides are experienced and certified, and are happy to assist you with riding tips and helpful advice. We aim to make each ride a safe, fun and memorable one. Safety helmets are provided for all guests. Photos are taken during the ride and shared free of charge to guests.

Andrew and the team would love you to join us for a spectacular riding experience. We are here to help with any questions you may have and believe in giving personal service, so please feel free to contact us phone on: 0412 174 337 or by email using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Beach Ride

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

Join us for this horse riding adventure along the magnificent Rainbow Beach. This world-renowned beach is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Clean clear water, soft white sand and amazing views. READ MORE

Swimming Ride

Experienced Riders only

The Swimming Ride is only open to experienced riders, as we ride the horses bareback into the ocean, where both horse and rider can enjoy the beautiful waters of Rainbow beach. This is an amazing and unique experience which is not matched anywhere else in the world. READ MORE

Full Moon Beach Ride

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

Held once a month on the night of the full moon, we journey along picturesque Rainbow Beach whilst the sun is setting and watch the moon rise over the ocean. This is a truly unforgettable experience. READ MORE

Country Day Ride

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

This ride starts and finishes at our farm in Goomboorian and includes a delicious home cooked lunch at the popular Silky Oak Tea Gardens. Only in rural Australia can you ride your horse to a restaurant where you literally dismount and submerge yourself in the rustic ambience of this authentic Australian dining location. READ MORE

Country Full Moon Ride

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

The Country Full Moon Ride sets off from the farm at 12 noon. It includes an incredible lunch at Silky Oak Tea Gardens before venturing to the top of Mount Goomboorian. Once at the top of the mountain we watch the sun set and the full moon rise, whilst enjoying some refreshments and taking in the amazing views from around the campfire. READ MORE

Personalised Ride

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

Our Personalised Beach Rides can be designed to meet most requests.  A picnic on the beach is very popular. We have also been privileged to part of many marriage proposals, weddings and birthday celebrations. Please contact us and we’ll help to make your dreams come true. READ MORE

Campdraft Clinics

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

This is a weekend clinic run by Rod Cotter, who is an extremely accomplished campdrafter. He has the ability get the best out of all riders, so this clinic is suitable for all experience levels. READ MORE

2 - 7 days rides through beautiful coastal bush land of Queensland

Multi Day Ride

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

Multi day rides are tailored for individual riders or groups. Packages available range from overnight up to 7 days, this includes all meals and various accommodation options to suit all budgets and requirements. READ MORE

Romantic getaway with a difference, overnight horse riding adventure.

Overnight Ride

All experience levels welcome.
Riders must be 10 years and over.

Overnight rides can be tailored for individual requests. With various camping options including, a full glamping set up (glamous camping) or a sleeping under the stars in a swag. READ MORE


23 Clarkson Drive, Rainbow Beach QLD 4581
Rainbow Beach is the gateway to Fraser Island and located approximately 3 hours drive from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. From Brisbane head north on the Bruce Highway towards Gympie, and then follow the signs to Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay.

Once you enter Rainbow Beach main township, you will find a sign on the left  to Clarkson Drive and Inskip Point. Our yards are located approximately 400 metres from the corner and we are on the left hand side. We are the only horse riding business in town, so you can't miss us.

We are within very easy walking distance from the main street and nearby accommodation.


84 Henry Road, Goomboorian QLD 4570
Approximately 2 hours north of Brisbane you will from the rural town of Gympie. From there follow the signs to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. Goomboorian is located 20 minutes east of Gympie on the road that takes you to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach.

This is where we start and finish our country rides. This beautiful piece of land is owned by Andrew McCarthy, the owner of Rainbow Beach Horse Rides, so he knows the land very well.

If you are having difficulty find us click on the map below for more detailed instructions.


PHONE: 0412 174 337

MONDAY - SUNDAY: 8:00AM - 6:00PM


ABN: 22 619 215 839


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